Help protect the environment by stocking your home with eco-friendly goods. Most people don't realize that you can decorate your home beautifully using materials that are made with the environment in mind. Of course if you need help finding neat new ideas for how to live healthy and promote environmental awareness there are books that we stock that can guide you. We make it easy for you to take your green spirit out into the world with you when you leave the house. Our marvelous jewelry line complements all of your favorite outfits. Each elegant piece is made in the best way possible for the world around us. We also have purses and wallets as well as a variety of other great gift ideas for friends and family!

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fair trade

Fair Trade is the Key Fair Trade products are unique to the culture of the place they originated from.  Every creation reflects the identity of the people behind it and that what makes fair trade products extra special.  Supporting fair trade products from all over the world means that you’re helping to keep the traditions […]

Handcrafted Artisan jewelry

Being an artist myself, I have also faced challenges in marketing myself into the marketing world.  After all, I’m an artist, I create art works.  Creativity comes naturally – an innate thing.  But then I realized that marketing is the opposite of what art is for me. Perhaps it is, too, for artisans all over the […]

supports local communities,women empowerment

It’s undeniable that gender inequality is still a global issue, more so for developing countries where such problem contributes to the worsening cases of poverty.  It’s the opposite of women empowerment, women are left powerless to better their lives because they don’t only lack the opportunity to do so but also left to endure unfair […]

Handmade expressions

Nobunto, a South African Fair Trade company based in the small village Napier east of Cape Town, means ‘for the people.’  The name is befitting of the company’s mission to better the lives of the people in the community by providing employment to over 18 families in the hopes to alleviate poverty. Handcrafted Fair Trade […]

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