Help protect the environment by stocking your home with eco-friendly goods. Most people don't realize that you can decorate your home beautifully using materials that are made with the environment in mind. Of course if you need help finding neat new ideas for how to live healthy and promote environmental awareness there are books that we stock that can guide you. We make it easy for you to take your green spirit out into the world with you when you leave the house. Our marvelous jewelry line complements all of your favorite outfits. Each elegant piece is made in the best way possible for the world around us. We also have purses and wallets as well as a variety of other great gift ideas for friends and family!

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all set and ready for green action

Taking on Kathy Ireland’s Life, Health & Style Show Oh yes, it’s about to happen! In a matter of two days, The Green Seahorse represented by yours truly will be on Kathy Ireland’s Life, Health & Style Show.  Now, that is huge!!! It’s going to be one heck of an experience for this eco-activist art […]

welcoming 2015

Looking Forward to a Greener 2015 2014 was indeed a meaningful year for The Green Seahorse.  We believe that through our little green ways, we’re able to affect the lives of the people that we fortunately crossed path with.  It’s now 2015, and we’re all about the green good vibes and positively thinking that more […]

The Green Seahorse' Season's Greetings

How to Enjoy the Day without Stressing Out You’ve probably spent the last month preparing, decorating and shopping for the big day.  And in as much as it’s a festive season, we can’t simply help but feel that little sprinkle of stress upon us (for some, probably a spoonful!). Well, here’s how you can enjoy […]

tv guesting for the green seahorse

Yes, The Green Seahorse is all set, we’re all ready and excited to bring green goodness on Kathy Ireland’s Life, Health & Style show this coming January! We’ll be spreading the word about ethical shopping, fair trade products and the importance of becoming a conscious consumer. Landing a Spot on Kathy Ireland’s Life, Health & […]

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